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Hot Tub Shell

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Hot Tub Shell: The shell of your new hot tub provides shape, structure, and ultimate comfort. There are several ways to manufacture hot tub shells and several materials used. While some hot tub manufacturers may use plastic or fiberglass to build spa shells, our experience has taught us that vacuum molding allows for the creation of finely molded contours, comfortable hot tub seating, and intricacy of design that surpasses any other process.

Of course, the strength of the spa shell is also important. Once a sheet of acrylic is formed, layers of support material can be added to the acrylic to provide density and support. A three-layer shell construction procedure allows for spa shells that are artfully designed and formed, and among the strongest in the industry. Thermoplastic surfaces are generally used for less refined designs and seating configurations.

  • Take a look at the hot tub's shell. Does it have attractive contours and intricate styling? Do you like the way the hot tub looks?
  • Sit in the hot tub. Are the seats comfortable? Is the acrylic molded to the contours of your body? Are there places for your arms and feet to rest? Can you move from seat to seat without barriers?
  • How is the hot tub's acrylic shell manufactured? Is there a layer of acrylic and additional layers of support material to ensure strength and longevity?
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