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A hot tub is an investment in health, relaxation, and fun. As with any investment, when buying a hot tub it's best to compare hot tubs, investigate your options, and make a well-informed buying decision.

More Than Hot Tub Reviews

With so many hot tub manufacturers and models to choose from, how do you find the best hot tub? What about hot tub reviews? Sorting through dozens upon dozens of hot tub reviews will only leave you confused, and in the end, how can be sure you've found the best hot tub to purchase? As your one-stop hot tub resource, Hot Tub Guide is here to help!

Build Your Dream Spa!

Create a custom list to compare hot tubs and find the best hot tub to create your own, unique backyard spa experience. We'll take away the guesswork of finding the best hot tub by taking you through three simple steps to generate a list of the best spas for you. Compare hot tubs, refine your spa features and options, then compare spas again until you find the best hot tub to purchase.

Hot Tub Question and Answers from the Hot Tub Experts

Still unsure if you've found the best spa? Wondering if you should just buy a cheap hot tub, or compare spas feature-to-feature, and then compare hot tub prices? Got questions about hot tubs or spas? Hot Tub Guide has the answers to the most frequently asked hot tub questions, answered by our Hot Tub experts.

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