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Hot Tub Seats

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Hot Tub Seats: Your hot tub is like an extension of your family room. So when you're shopping for the best hot tub, consider the styling and comfort of the spa seating just as you would when shopping for furniture. Hot Tubs seats are molded in different fashions. Those with more sophisticated molding processes can produce more stylized, comfortable hot tub seats with curves and contours that fit your body.

As you're shopping, get inside the each hot tub you see. Test the seats for your body size and comfort. Where do your arms rest? Where will water from the jets hit the various muscle groups in your body? Where will the water line hit you? Are the spa seats comfortable? If there are several users in your family, look for multi-level seating to fit different heights and body types.

You may want to consider the following types of spa seating.

  • Lounge Seats. Many hot tubs include full lounge seats that simulate chaise lounges. Some also include lounges, which place your back in a reclined position, with your feet on the floor. You may also find some with dual lounge hot tub seats that allow you to recline next to someone else. It's important when considering lounge spa seats to check for "float." If the hot tub seat is not deep enough, and if your body is not properly placed, you may float out of the seat.
  • Bench Seats. Most hot tubs include some type of bench seat. These are seats that place you in an up-right position, with your feet flat on the bottom of the hot tub. Bench seats are most valuable given their jet formations. If there is more than one bench seat in a hot tub, does each one offer a different jet formation producing different therapy stations? Can you move freely - without barriers - from one bench seat to the next?
  • Pivot Seats. Some hot tub seats are designed to allow you to pivot. Seated in one position, you can achieve one type of hydrotherapy massage. By simply pivoting - or turning -you can remain in the same seat, and achieve a different massage experience.
  • Therapy Seats.Certain hot tubs include overall therapy seats. These seats are specially designed for intense, comprehensive back therapy. When considering these spa seats, get inside them and feel where the jets hit your body. Be certain that the placement of jets and size of the jets suits your own muscle groups and personal comfort.
  • Cool Down Seats. It's nice to have a place inside a hot tub where you can slowly adjust your body temperature, as you enter or leave the spa. Cool down seats raise your body slightly above the water line, and don't include jets.
  • After-Market Hot Tub Booster Seats. Hot tubs are designed with a variety of heights and body types in mind. If you're shorter than average, you may consider an after-market hot tub booster seat.
  • Head-Rests. Most hot tubs and spas built today come with pillows. Don't discount the importance of a comfortable pillow! And as an aside, take a look at how the pillow is attached to the hot tub. Pillows that are bolted in may be the best. This assures that you won't find them floating in your hot tub or spa.
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