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Hot Tub Cabinets

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Your hot tub or spa frame supports 600 - 800 pounds of equipment, and depending on size, about 4,000 pounds of water! It's important for that frame to be soundly built, both horizontally and vertically. Some hot tub manufacturers build basic frames that attach at the top and bottom in the corners only. A unitized frame - one that has horizontal support structures along the top and bottom as well as vertical supports along the sides of the hot tub, is better for three reasons.
  1. A full vertical and horizontal frame provides more uniform support for the acrylic hot tub shell and the water it holds.
  2. Vertical supports along the sides of the spa allow for better fit of the spa's outside panels.
  3. Vertical supports along the sides of the spa allow for easier servicing, as panels can be removed and replaced in sections.
    • Does the hot tub have a unitized frame, with horizontal supports along top and bottom, and vertical supports along the sides of the frame? Are the side panels attached in pieces for simpler servicing later on?

We discuss cabinetry in greater detail in our "Style & Color" section of this site. However, you'll want to make sure that your hot tub's cabinet is built from materials that withstand the elements, and that its design is pleasing to you.

  • Is the hot tub's cabinet made from synthetic wood to withstand the elements?
  • Is the cabinet attractive? Does it fit into your back-yard setting? Do you like the way it looks?
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