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Hot Tub Control Systems

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Think of the control panel as the "dashboard" of your spa. This is the place where you'll customize your hydrotherapy massage, your temperature, and your hot tub's filtration cycles. With a good system, you have complete control - you can create your spa experience exactly as you like it.

It's important to determine what you really need in a control panel. Are you the type of person who wants to adjust your spas performance down to the tiniest element? Systems that offer a high degree of control are available. If you'd rather have settings taken care of for you, you can choose a simpler system, or one that allows for both custom and pre-programmed cycles set by the manufacturer.

  • Does the control panel show actual temperature and set temperature (like a good home heating thermostat)? This is important, because you don't want to enter a hot tub if you can't see the actual temperature of the water.
  • Is there an auxiliary control panel on the hot tub? Two panels allow you to adjust the pumps and water flow from multiple positions in the hot tub, so you don't have to stand up during your massage.
  • Does the control panel have a locking system, so your hot tub's temperature can't be changed without your knowledge?
  • Are there pre-programmed filtration cycles on the control panel? Or, if you prefer, can you program the cycles yourself?
  • Is the control panel simple to use? Do you understand the operations and would you feel comfortable performing them?
  • Does the control panel come with an energy-saver or efficiency mode?
  • Can you see the control panel clearly in the dark? Does it have three dimensional buttons you can feel?
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