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Hot Tub Manufacturers

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Hot Tub Manufacturers: A new hot tub or spa is an expensive, complex piece of machinery that should last a long time. That's why it's important to investigate the hot tub manufacturer, the process used to build the hot tub or spa and its components, and the dealer who is selling the hot tub to ensure you buy the best hot tub.

Look for spa manufacturers that use certified manufacturing practices, namely ISO9001 Certification. ISO has developed more than 17,000 International Standards on a variety of subjects and 1,100 new ISO standards are published every year.

Spa manufacturers - Warranties: Additionally, you'll want to take a very close look at the hot tub warranty. Keep in mind that just as when you buy a car, you'll have a relationship with your hot tub dealer and spa manufacturer for years. Your dealer will be servicing your hot tub, selling you chemicals and accessories, and acting as your spa consultant should you ever need one.

Take time to ask your friends, neighbors, or others in your community about hot tub manufacturers and local dealers. Buy a product with a sound reputation from a dealer who has a well-established business in your community.

You'll find peace of mind from dealing with someone you can rely on for advice.

  • Are you familiar with the hot tub manufacturer? Are they well-known? Have they been in business for several years? How many hot tubs and spas do they build and sell each year?
  • Are you familiar with the local hot tub dealer? Can you get positive references from friends or family members? How long has the dealer been in business? Does he have trained technicians on staff to service your spa or hot tub?
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