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Here are the most frequently asked questions about hot tubs and spas, with answers from our experienced Spa Experts.

Got a question you don't see here? Contact us - the best questions will be added to this page, along with helpful answers from the Spa Experts.

Q: I'm afraid I'll buy a hot tub and never use it. How often do people use them?

Q: What is the maximum temperature required for a hydrotherapy session?

Q: How much horsepower do I need to make sure the hot tub is powerful enough?

Q: How does the hot tub's control panel work?

Q: How does a hot tub's filtration system work? Is the placement of the filter important?

Q: Does every hot tub come with an Ozone system?

Q: Why is a full-foam insulated hot tub better than one that's not?

Q: What should be covered in a hot tub or spa warranty? Who takes care of my hot tub if it breaks?

Q: Why would I want "fake wood" siding?

Q: What's the difference between standard acrylic and Quarite?

Q: Why should I buy an expensive hot tub, versus a cheap hottub?

Q: Is any special plumbing required for my hot tub?

Q: How do I know if the hot tub will fit into my back yard?

Q: I know the hot tub will fit in my yard, but how can I be sure that I have a large enough path for delivery?

Q: Do I have to lay concrete or prepare a place for my hot tub to sit?

Q: What type of electrical hook-up is necessary for my hot tub? How much will it cost?

Q: How fast will my hot tub heat?

Q: How much will it cost to operate and maintain my hot tub each month?

Q: How hard is it to maintain a hot tub? How much time do I have to spend taking care of it?

Q: Will my hot tub take lots of chemicals? Can I get a chemical-free system?

Q: Is there anything special I need to do to care for my hot tub when I'm away for a period of time?

Q: How often should I drain my hot tub?

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