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Hot Tub Treatment

- Ozone
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Spa Water Treatment: Many hot tubs and spas come with the option of ozonators for enhanced hot tub water maintenance. Ozonators offer two benefits to the spa user:
  1. Reduced use of chemicals
  2. Clean, clear water with less spa water maintenance.

What is Ozone?

Ozone has been used in water treatment since the late 18th century. Ozone (O3) is a naturally occurring form of oxygen; this is a form of oxygen in which each molecule contains three atoms instead of the normal two. Ozone occurs naturally in small amounts in the Earth's stratosphere, where it absorbs ultraviolet radiation. Although it resembles oxygen in many respects, ozone is much more reactive. Because it can decolorize many substances, it is used commercially as a bleaching agent for organic compounds, as a strong germicide for the sterilization of drinking water and to remove objectionable odors and flavors.

How is Ozone Created for Spa Water Treatment?

Ozone is manufactured in hot tubs in two ways. Some ozonators, known as UV ozonators, use an ultraviolet light bulb to create ozone. Others, known as CD ozonators use a safe electrical discharge passed through oxygen. The resulting mixture of ozone is injected into the water, and impurities are oxidized. The creation of ozone through this method is the most current and effective way of producing ozone in a hot tub.

Choosing a Complete Ozone Hot Tub Treatment System

Because ozone has a distinct smell, it is important to choose an ozone system with an "off-gassing" component. The best systems use ozone injectors, which push ozone into the water, and then agitate the mixture for optimal oxidation of unwanted particles and impurities. Next, the water/ozone mixture is pushed through an off-gassing chamber, where the ozone dissipates. This procedure allows ozone units to work constantly, even while you're sitting in the hot tub, without the nuisance of ozone gas smell.

Reaping the Rewards of Ozone Hot Tub Treatment

Because ozone acts as a powerful oxidant, it serves as a water purifier. This means that using ozone to clean your hot tub's water significantly reduces the amount of chemicals required to kill standing bacteria and impurities. By installing an ozone hot tub treatment system, you will save money and time related to water maintenance. Additionally, because ozone acts as a bleaching agent, you should experience water that looks crisp and clear reducing the need for chemicals.

  • Does the hot tub have an Ozonator? What kind is it?
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