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Hot Tub Maintenance

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How to Maintain a Hot Tub: Proper hot tub maintenance will ensure that it remains in good condition and continues to be a source of family fun family fun in the future. Here are some spa maintenance tips.

Clean Water

Hot Tub Maintenance - Clean Water: We talked about the benefits of an ozonator in the "Features" section of this site. Even if you have an ozonator, you'll still need to use chemicals to kill standing bacteria and other germs that may be present in your spa's water. There are many options, and your dealer can help you determine the proper formula, based on the size and make of your spa and how often you use it. Here is a basic list of chemical spa water maintenance treatments. Use only those spa maintenance chemicals recommended by your dealer for your hot tub:

Mineral Based Purifiers: These purifiers use cartridges that are placed inside hot tub filters and replaced once every three to four months plus an additional small amount each time the hot tub is used.

Chlorine: This is the most common and widely known water sanitizer. There are chlorine tablets and granules created specifically for spa use available at spa and hot tub retailers.

Bromine: Bromine tablets are a combination of sodium bromide and chlorine. Many people choose bromine over chlorine because the smell is not as strong. Bromine may also be used in a two-part hot tub water maintenance system that utilizes liquid salts and spa activator.

Baquanine: Baquanine is a hydrogen peroxide based chemical sanitizer used in spa water maintenance. It is available under the name Baqua Spa or SoftSoak and is sold at many hot tub retail stores.

  • When buying your hot tub or spa, ask you dealer to provide you with a chemical formula for your hot tub's size and your use of the hot tub. Make sure your dealer provides you with a complete spa set-up upon delivery including a chemical start-up lesson.
  • If you are unsure how to properly use spa chemicals, don't be afraid to call your dealer or the company that manufactures the chemicals.
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