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Hot Tub Installation

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Allow for Service Access to Your Hot Tub

Hot Tub Installation Requirements: Many people choose to install tile or custom wood deck around their hot tub. If your spa installation includes decorative trimming, remember to allow access for service. Should your hot tub need service, a technician may need to remove the hot tub's side panels, or access it from beneath. It's always best to design a spa installation so that the spa can still be moved and lifted off the ground.

  • No matter where you're installing your hot tub, be sure to allow for service access.

Prepare a Pathway to Your Hot Tub

  1. Check number of stairs. No more than 6 in a row without a landing.
  2. Check corner clearance. Hot tub will not bend.
  3. Check overhanging branches.
  4. Check structures such as dog houses, wood piles, etc.
  5. Check all gates and entries for width clearance.
  6. Check overhang clearance.
  7. Check protruding meters, fixtures, and rain gutters.
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