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Arthritis Pain Relief from Hot Tubs and Spas

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Most of us are familiar with warm water therapy to treat muscle and joint ailments. hot tubs and spas provide a flow of warm water which eases muscle tension, and relieves pressure on surrounding nerves, joints, and blood vessels. Movement becomes easier, which is especially important for those who suffer from Arthritis.

Italian physicians Simona Bellometti and Lauro Calzigna have intensively studied the aqua-thermal therapy provided by Hot tubs and spas in patients with osteoarthritis, the common form of degenerative arthritis. The researchers recorded in the Journal of Investigative Medicine in 1998 that the level of inflammatory agents which cause arthritis pain and joint destruction fell after three weeks of hot tub therapy.

If you'd like to read more about the effects of hot water therapy for arthritis, diabetes, lower back pain and other ailments, you may want to read an article published by Dr. Phillip Hooper.

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