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Q: Why should I buy an expensive hot tub, versus a cheap hottub?

A: As with any other purchase, buying a hot tub is about value. It's not important that you buy an expensive one. It's important that you buy a spa that meets your personal needs and desires, and one that is well built, reliable, and well equipped for the money you spend.

As you're shopping, compare spas feature-to-feature, and then compare prices. You may find that a spa from one manufacturer with every feature you desire falls in the middle price range. That same spa from a different manufacturer might be in a high price range. That's where value comes into play. Expensive isn't necessarily better. High value is better.

As for cheap spas, you may want your first hot tub purchase to be in the lower price ranges. That's fine. Just be careful to buy a spa that's soundly engineered, with quality components, built by a manufacturer that has a strong reputation and history in the industry. Also be careful to check the warranty. Even the cheapest spas aren't really "cheap." If you're spending thousands of dollars on a product, take the time to make sure that a comprehensive warranty and a dealer service department with a sound reputation backs your investment.

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