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Q: How does a hot tub's filtration system work? Is the placement of the filter important?

A: We've provided a comprehensive explanation of spa filtration systems in the "Hot Tub Features" section of this site. The spa's water purification system is an important element of its performance, so read this section carefully. In a basic sense, you spa pulls water, using pumps, through the filter. The filter is designed to catch debris and organic objects in the hot tub's water, and keep them away from your body while bathing.

Spa filters differ in their overall size. Larger filter areas mean more particles can be trapped as water passes through the filter.

Spa water is filtered each time the pumps are turned on, and most spas come pre-programmed with filtration cycles to be certain that this happens on a regular basis. Also consider choosing a spa with a circulation pump. This pump keeps a small amount of water circulating and filtering at all times, to prevent stagnant water and improve water clarity for just a few pennies a day.

Make sure the filter placement allows for easy access. Cleaning the filter means removing it, so easy access will simplify maintenance.

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