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Q: : How does a hot tub control panel work?


hot tub control panel

 is different, so you should ask for a complete demonstration of hot tub control panels when you're shopping for a hot tub or spa. In general, a spa control panel may range from one that completes only the simplest functions, such as temperature settings, pump activation, and power modes, to a spa control panel that completes highly technical functions, such as setting your own filtration cycles, programming the spa to turn off and on at specific times, and setting power modes for electrical efficiency.

More on control panels for hot tub: For more detailed information, visit the "Hydrotherapy" section of our site, and read the information entitled, "Power and Controls." Many hot tub control panels are set to work two ways: pre-programmed by the manufacturer for ease of use, or self-programmable, for personal preferences.

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